Tips On How To Extend Your Hair Life

Tips On How To Extend Your Hair Life

You want to look good; you’ve bought some new bundles and are all ready for the grand makeover.  

Now let’s talk about Raw hair! Our hair looks more natural, amazing quality so they are more costly than virgin or synthetic hair. Those are the main reason why this hair is more preferable. If you have decided to purchase Raw hair, it is importance for you to learn how to properly care for it. You must know how to maintain it, so that your hair can stay in good shape for years to come. 

In all the joy of trying out the new look, you forget to enquire how to keep your good hair looking great. Well, here are some great tips that you can follow on how you can take care of your hair properly. Our hair is lightweight, comfortable and give you the perfect look. 

When you first receive the raw hair, run your hands through the hair and give it a gentle detangle. This will loosen and open the hair. If the hair is straight use a wig brush to gently comb it through from bottom to top. If it is a curly wig, simply run your fingers through the hair. 

  • Washing  

You can wear your raw hair for years depending on the adhesive used and how well you take care of it. If you use the hair in harsher environments like strong direct sunlight or smoky condition, you must wash the hair more often. The best way to know when your hair needs to be washed, is if it gets sticky, tangled from water or seems lifeless. It’s just like your own hair so you will know when it is time. If wearing the day everyday, once every week or every other week is sufficient depending on how you sweat.  

Gently brush the hair from the bottom to the top untangle any knots. Soak the hair for a few minutes and then wash with shampoo in the sink. Then without rubbing, rinse the hair thorough. Be gentle with hair at all times. 

  • Drying  

To dry, pat the hair with a towel. Do not rub. Remember, never wring out the hair. Gently brush the hair from the bottom to the top untangle. Hang the hair on a wig stand to dry. You can spray a leave in conditioner and then gently use your fingers to smoothen it out.   

  • Use Proper Products  

Your raw hair has to been treated with the utmost care. You must only treat the hair as if it as fragile as your own. 

Often you may come across certain products, which are advertised as being mild and delicate like baby care products for example. These are definitely not suitable for your wigs. They may actually make your wig dull and lose their color. 

Do not use hair brushes with nylon bristles especially on curly hair and only brush through when wet.  

  • Avoid Damage Agents  

Excessive heat and cold can play havoc with your hair. Avoid direct heat from ovens, blow dryers and clothes dryers, hot boiling water, barbeques and such objects. You can wear a cloth on your head to minimize any effect. If you are caught in the rain, snow or steam like conditions just wait for your hair to dry before putting heat on it. 

  • Avoid Friction  

To help extend the life of your hair/wig, you can remove your hair if on a wig when sleeping. Friction with the pillow or high furniture, car headrests etc can cause wear and tear and cut short the life of your hair. Just bear these points in mind and you can have great looking hair that lasts for years. 

These tips on caring for raw hair are very easy to follow so I suggest you do them to extend the life of your investment.  

Until next time. In greatness 

Virgin Mary