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Raw Cambodian Wigs

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All of our Raw Cambodian hair is manufactured with 100% Cambodian hair is sourced from rural Cambodia.​ Every wig comes from a single donor & has never been chemically processed for color or texture. Our vendor's manufacturing ensures rawness intact & the wigs are in their natural form. Wigs are made with high quality threads as well as a triple wefting technique ensures best in industry wefts. Our wigs are fuller and thicker from head to tail. There is no steam processing and wigs are never mixed with synthetic or animal hair. Very minimal to no shedding, as expected. Our Raw hair can be cut, colored, curled or straighten. All wigs come in 130% density but can but made as 150% or 180% for an additional feel. Please contact us via email to make adjustment.

Cambodian hair is more coarse, but also silky and light weight. Cambodian hair has a high density.
The weight per wig depends on the length of the hair. All wigs come in a natural color unless other option above is selected.

******* Each donor's hair is unique and has its own distinct natural wave pattern. SO NO TWO WIGS WILL BE EXACTLY THE SAME*******